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Just Kate

One little turtle.

Two big adventures.

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About the Books

Just Kate is the story of a newborn green sea turtle who begins life unhappy with her name and unsure of her destiny.  Kate and her siblings have an adventurous night, facing their world for the first time and overcoming challenges.  As Kate bravely guides her brothers and sisters safely to the sea, she learns the special meaning of being just Kate.

In Just Kate Finding Friendship, our heroine loves her beautiful ocean world, but she is unhappy about being all alone. That is until she chooses a very unlikely companion as her first friend--an octopus named Cecil.  Together they face an underwater danger caused by human carelessness, and they discover the true meaning of friendship.

Both books combine themes of self-confidence, courage, kindness, and being open to new possibilities.  The stories will inspire children to ask questions about marine life, conservation, and the responsibilities we all must embrace to care for one another and for our natural world.

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Author and Illustrator

Barbara (left) and Fran (right) are two friends from Brooklyn, circa 1970. Barbara's professional life in Alabama and Georgia has had much to do with writing. Fran's professional pathway in South Huntington, NY, has been all about art. Both spent many years in schools and classrooms committed to the growth and development of children and teens. But it was their experience with their own granddaughters that led them to collaborate on Just Kate. These  little girls--Skylar, Haley, Rosie, and Kate-- have been their audience, their critics, their motivators, and their muse.


~Katie Reid~

  Excellent book for young ones! Beautiful artwork and great story!

This story is endearing and uplifting.  Simple enough for a child, heartwarming to adults.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to read it.

~Mariann Cialdella~

Wonderful story and beautiful illustrations! This is a great resource to use in the classroom for different grade levels and lessons. It can be used for a science or ELA lesson or a read aloud with a heartwarming message.



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Story by Barbara Grace Alford

Artwork by Frances C. Milazzo

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